About Code Design

There is no doubt that the implementation of digital technology has transformed our perception of the world. This new technology redefines who we are, how we live, and especially, how we perceive ourselves.

Code Design is the result of two professionals' lifetime experience in designing high end cabinetry. Our goal is to unite the organic experience that wood provides with this revolutionary process of organizing information. The result is a delightful, sensuous and impressive product that can be adapted to an endless assortment of design challenges.

This site will introduce you to our products. We provide custom tailoring for any particular project. We can adapt different wood essences to blend with your personality, with your existing environment or for any projected plans. Our concept goes further. You see, plant life is an encoded type of life form, genetically encoded like the human genome. Each individual tree has its own code, even within its own species; furthermore, its branches are like their offspring, in that, each individual branch also has its own encoded genetic imprint.

When it comes to art, the question of determining authenticity is always an issue, but not with our products. When we build an article using a unique combination of woods, we keep a genetic strand on file. We can confirm the authenticity of our work by simply examining its genetic profile. That means that even if someone were trying to copy the exact same article, using the exact same woods, the coded information would reveal the fraud immediately.

Nature is, indeed, perfectly wonderful!

At Code Design, we take pride in signing every product with our branded logo. We guarantee our product against any manufacturing defects. Feel free to submit your ideas and make your comments.

Wood branding